Facebook Community Guidelines

By following these guidelines, we are building a safe and supportive community together. By being part of this community, you agree to the rules listed below.


1. No Self-Promotion
Self-promotion is not permitted.
Definition of self-promotion:

  • Selling products, services, courses, events, and programs
  • Promoting your webinar, live broadcast, or event
  • Posting a link to your own website
  • posting a link to your own Facebook group
  • Posting affiliate links
  • posting your own content in the group unrelated to the group topic
  • posting photos with your social handles, URLs, or business name
  • posting "free" offers or "freebies"
  • posting links to surveys or creating polls in the group or asking market research related questions.
  • posting the entire content of a blog post or a post that is the length of a blog post, even without a link.

We as the group owner reserve the right to promote something if we feel it is useful to the group.


2. No Outside-Promotion
No outside promotion is allowed.

  • sharing a video from someone else
  • posting a link to someone else

3. No Posting of Videos
No creating videos, posting videos of yourself or streaming live into the Group.

4. No Requests to Send You a Message
Don't post to ask people to PM you to learn more about your personal offer, how you can help, or they can work with you.

5. Don’t Send Private Messages
Do not send private messages unless you have prior permission in the form of a comment or e-mail.

All opinions, advice and other information shared by members in discussions or comments are those of the respective author. Use of the information at your own risk. Seek professional advice for specific, individual situations as needed.


If The Guidelines aren’t followed
We may delete your post without notice. If your post is deleted, it is likely inappropriate according to our guidelines. In the case of multiple violations, we may contact you and notify you that you have violated our terms. We may then remove you from the program.


If you have any questions about our policies, please e-mail us at studio@corneliazelinka.com.